Thursday 1 January 1970 -

Exposure and movement. Cinematic and photographic visions in France and Italy

12-13 April 2014
MAXXI B.A.S.E., Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admittance free
curated by Bruno Di Marino

The 4th edition of Rendez-vous, the festival devoted to new French cinema curated by the Institut français Italia, is about to get underway.

With around 40 titles, Rendez-vous presents the Italian public with an opportunity to discover the wealth of French film within a programme paying particular attention to the exploration of genres, from the most popular to the more sophisticated productions, from blockbusters to independent films. The festival locations in Rome are: Cinema Quattro Fontane, Casa del Cinema, Accademia di Francia a RomaVilla Medici, MAXXINational Museum of XXI Century Arts

Ulysse by Agnès Varda | France, 1982, colour, 21’, o.v. Fr. with Eng. s/t.
#cindy, the doll is mine by Bertrand Bonello | France, 2005, colour, 15’, o.v. Eng. with Fr. s/t.

ROUND TABLE. The photographic image between film and video

The following videos will be screened during the event:
La camera chiara by Antonello Matarazzo | Italy, 2003, colour, 8’20”, no dialogue
La posa infinita by Antonello Matarazzo | Italy, 2007, b/w, 1’, no dialogue
Veraznunt by Antonello Matarazzo | Italy, 2008, colour, 5’30”, no dialogue, with Ita/Eng s/t.
2160°by Luca Manes | Italy, 2005, video, colour, 9’
Caché memories by Luca Manes | Italy, 2013, video, colour, 5’

Followed by
Qui êtes-vous polly magoo?William Klein | France, 1966, b/w, 100’, o.v. Fr. with Eng. s/t.

Le retour à la raison by Man Ray | France, 1923, b/w, 3’, no dialogue
Le retour by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Banks | France, 1945, b/w, 29’, o.v. Fr. with Eng. s/t
Karineby Robert Cahen | France, 1976, b/w, 8’, no dialogue
Filmarilyn by Paolo Gioli | Italy, 1992, b/w, 11’, silent
Volto sorpreso al buio by Paolo Gioli | Italy, 1995, b/w, 9’30”, silent
Children by Paolo Gioli | Italy, 2008, b/w, 6’, silent
Il finish delle figure by Paolo Gioli | Italy, 2009, b/w, 9’, silent

San Clemente by Raymond Depardon, Sophie Ristelhueber
France, 1980, b/w, 100’, o.v. It. with Fr. s/t

For further information regarding the festival >institutfrancais-italia.com/it