HUB d’innovazione, Roma 2017. ph. Francesco Mattuzzi
Thursday 28 February 2019 ore 18:00 - ore 19:30

Obiettivo Architettura. Recounting a project through’s with Francesco Mattuzzi

MAXXI Auditorium – entry € 5 – subscription to 4 meetings € 15 euro
free entry for architects enrolled in the Professional Association of Architects and for holders of the myMAXXI card, with the possibility of booking a seat for the first 10 by writing to by the day before the event, until full capacity

From an idea by Lucia Bosso

Four meetings for an in-depth study of the symbolic relationship between architecture, its designer, and the photographer who portrayed it

This is the second edition of a series of meetings that, starting from the photographic reading of a project, highlights some of the most interesting contemporary Italian authors who have been able to create a building, a significant place for the territory and the community, and to interpret it photographically, amplifying its perception and the underlying meanings.

What can we learn about architecture through a photo?

The direct testimonies of architects and photographers, moderated by the director of Abitare, Silvia Botti, allow us to delineate unexpected interpretative paths and acquire a new awareness of the culture of the image that we feed on.

During the first event, we will meet the architecture firm it’s. The firm, with offices in Rome, Geneva, and Paris, was founded in 2016 by Alessandro Cambi, Francesco Marinelli, and Paolo Mezzalama and is focused on research and innovation. The objective of the firm is to extend the boundaries of architecture by hybridizing its methods with the know-how from other sectors to evolve its skills and offer innovative services.

Introduction by
Margherita Guccione Director of MAXXI Architecture
Luca Ribichini President of the Casa dell’Architettura Cultural Commission.

Silvia Botti Director of Abitare

Alessandro Cambi it’s – architectural firm
Francesco Marinelli it’s – architectural firm
Francesco Mattuzzi photographer

In collaboration with the faculty of Architecture of the “Sapienza” University of Rome, the Professional Association of Architects of Rome, and Casa dell’Architettura
Media partner Abitare