Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari, Margherita Moscardini, Installation View, photo by Andrea Veneri, Courtesy Fondazione Pastificio Cerere and the artist
Thursday 27 September 2018 ore 18:00 - ore 19:00

Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari

Sala Graziella Lonardi Buontempo – free entrance until full capacity

A special conversation between Margherita Moscardini e Kilian Kleinschmidt

Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari a project by artist Margherita Moscardini and is a result of work carried out at Camp Za’atari in Jordan, the second largest refugee camp in the world that opened in 2012 to host Syrian refugees fleeing civil war. In 2015 it reached a population of 150,000 people, becoming the fourth largest city in Jordan.

Since 2017 Margherita Moscardini has worked in the refugee camp observing it through a double paradigm posed by the refugee status that, on one hand, lead us to question the concept of Europe and nation state, and on the other it urges us to rethink refugee camps as urban realities. 

The project was promoted by Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in Rome, which hosts the exhibition curated by Marcello Smarrelli. The project has also won the first edition of a competition held by the Italian Council 2017, a competition devised by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries (DGAAP), a division of the MiBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) to promote Italian contemporary art around the world.

Introduced by
Pippo Ciorra Senior Curator MAXXI Architettura
Marcello Smarrelli Artistic Director of Fondazione Pastificio Cerere

Margherita Moscardini artist
Kilian Kleinschmidt social entrepreneur

To follow at 7.30 PM, at the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, a visit to the exhibition Inventory. The Fountains of Za’atari and presentation of the catalogue