foto © Sebastiano Luciano
Tuesday 3 October 2023 - Sunday 5 November 2023

IN RESTAURORossella BiscottiIl Processo

Gian Ferrari Hall
the restoration work takes place from Tuesday to Friday 11 am > 4.30 pm
the piece is visible from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am > 7 pm

Open to the public the conservation works of Rossella Biscotti’s Il processo (the trial) on the occasion of the FUORI TUTTO exhibition.

The piece (2010) consists of eight concrete casts taken from as many architectural elements (bars, floors, stairs, technical apparatuses, etc.) of the former bunker room of the Casa delle Armi, Luigi Moretti’s sports complex in Rome. Some of the most important political trials in Italian history took place here, including the one on the Aldo Moro murder.

The concrete sculptures distributed in the space like archaeological fragments of a recent past, together with the integral recording of the hearing that constitutes the sound component of the installation, construct a dense narrative in which the theme of the transformation of places and symbols of history is interwoven with a reflection on the relationship between space, language and politics.

The restoration of the work focuses precisely on the reinforced concrete and sculptural surfaces of the materials of the bunker room – the rubber of the floor, the paint of the bars, the carpet, etc. – “ripped off” during the process of making the casts.