Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, How to make yourself better, 1998
Friday 26 May 2017 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Auteur Conversations.Emilia Kabakov

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Ilya Kabakov is recognised as the father of Russian conceptualism. Born in Ukraine in 1933, he frequented the Moscow school of painting and in 1989 met Emilia, a concert musician and distant cousin. They married and proceeded side-by-side, both sentimentally and professionally, creating and signing all their works together. The most frequent expressive medium in their art is the “total installation” which includes architectural, pictorial, filmic and theatrical elements. An independent space within the exhibition space in which spectators can immerse themselves separately in order to relive, through audio, visual and environmental references, the Soviet reality experienced by the artists. On the occasion of this talk, Emilia Kabakov will be discussing the development of their work from the installation How to make yourself better, 1998, through to the present day.

Emilia Kabakov artist

Introduced by
Hou Hanru Artistic Director, MAXXI

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