Bruna Esposito, e così sia...
Thursday 23 November 2017 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Auteur conversations.Bruna Esposito

Carlo Scarpa foyer – MINI space
entrance € 5 – buying the ticket gives right to a reduced entry ticket to the museum (8 €) within a week from its issuing
4 € for holders of the myMAXXI card

An event to study the work and poetics of a great artist

Bruna Esposito meets the audience to tell the story of the “e così sia…” artwork, which was a finalist of the 1st Young Italian Art Prize in 2000. The artist – who developed the theme proposed by the competition, namely multiculturality, but also built upon her personal research – created a project focused on the need to attach importance to our surrounding environment in order for the dramatic events of the past not to take place again.
After the first exhibition, which was organised for the Prize, the artwork was displayed another three times in 2001, both in Italy and in Belgium. This year’s installation at the MAXXI is just as accurate, although with a different, more complex ornamental design, every aspect of which has been documented by the museum. The event is also an opportunity to present the publication containing the said documents as well as the experiences of the people involved in the installation process.

Bruna Esposito artist
Laura Cherubini art historian
Paola D’Agnese poet

Bartolomeo Pietromarchi MAXXI Arte Director

The Conversazioni d’autore (Auteur conversations) project is supported by MINI, MAXXI Public Programs Partner