contemporary locus 10/Alfredo Pirri, 2016 Passi / ex Centrale Daste e Spalenga, Bergamo Photo Mario Albergati
Wednesday 8 March 2017 ore 16:30 - ore 19:00

Through the mirror

Guido Reni hall – free entrance until full capacity
The event is part of the “Alfredo Pirri. I Pesci non portano fucili” (Fish do not carry guns) project

An opportunity to deepen and study the relationship between Architecture and Art

The link between reality and representation, reality and fiction, material and immaterial space is currently more complex and contradictory than ever. The mirror, being passable, deforming and habitable, has been the subject of the works of many contemporary artists, and it is therefore a certainly contemporary topic.
Reflected images and their myriad interpretations provide one with the opportunity to discuss the connections between architecture and art, which nowadays fuse, intertwine and overlap, thereby defining an artistic space which is not only limited to museums, but rather overlaps with reality.

Experts, authors and critics used to fearlessly relinquishing their fields of study will discuss such topic.

Introduced by
Hou Hanru Artistic Director MAXXI
Margherita Guccione Director MAXXI Architettura
Alessandra Ferrari National Council of Architects

Pippo Ciorra Senior Curator MAXXI Architettura
Alvin Curran musician
Nicola Di Battista architect
Soko Phay art historian
Stefano Velotti philosopher
Francesco Venezia architect

Alfredo Pirri and Paola Tognon: conversation on art and space

At the end
Screening of the video Per Speculum (2006) by Adrian Paci

In collaboration with the National Council of Architects, Contemporary Locus, Studio & Archivio Pirri and curator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini.
Special thanks to the Kaufmann/Repetto gallery for the screening of the video by Adrian Paci.