07 December 2022 > 12 November 2023

Collezione MAXXIArchitetture a regola d’arteFrom the archives BBPR, Dardi, Monaco Luccichenti, Moretti

the exhibition’s closing has been extended to Sunday 12 November 2023

galleria 2
curated by Luca Galofaro with Pippo Ciorra, Laura Felci, Elena Tinacci

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Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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An original interpretation of the archival documents brings together different authors focusing on the relationship between architecture and art in their work.

BBPR, Costantino Dardi, Vincenzo Monaco, Amedeo Luccichenti and Luigi Moretti are the protagonists of the exhibition Architetture a regola d’arte, which stems from the desire to enhance and share the precious materials that have enriched MAXXI Collection in recent years, in particular the archives of some of the most important Italian architects of the 20th century.

From the restoration and set up of the Museums of Castello Sforzesco in Milan by BBPR to the architecture that houses and integrates with important works of art by Studio Monaco Luccichenti; from the exhibition design of Costantino Dardi and his work with critics and artists to Luigi Moretti’s passion for art – a connoisseur, enthusiast and expert, refined collector and gallery owner, as well as an architect.

The display of projects, documents, images and correspondence highlight an educated and interdisciplinary approach to architectural projects, where personal and professional dimensions intersect.

header: Luigi Moretti, Studio dei volumi de «La Rotonda» di Andrea Palladio pubblicato nella rivista Spazio n.7 (dicembre 1952-aprile 1953), Collezione MAXXI Architettura, Archivio Moretti-Magnifico