Bard Architecture, Work in Progress. Credits: Stan Allen Architect
Friday 5 May 2023 ore 18:00 - 19:00

lecture by Stan AllenFuture or Eclipse of CriticismSituated Objects: Buildings and Books

curated by Lina Malfona
Graziella Lonardi Buontempo hall
event in English
€ 5

A lecture from Stan Allen on how architecture can and is responding to the complexity of the modern city.

What is needed today is a new mentality that can see infrastructure design not simply as an engineering execution but as something capable of triggering complex and unpredictable urban effects.

A theorist and exponent of post-criticism, Stan Allen has developed an extensive catalogue of innovative design strategies in recent years, looking to the ex-urban landscape and ecology as models for revitalising design practice. These themes are the focus of his recent book Situated Objects. He explains how a building does not end in its walls but constitutes the node of a complex field of social relations, ecological systems, cultural norms and local histories.

Lina Malfona architect and Professor of Design, University of Pisa

Stan Allen architect and Professor of Planning, Princeton University
Hilary Sample architect, IDC Professor of Housing Design, Columbia University GSAPP / MOS

Academic committee for the lectures: Marco Biraghi, Politecnico di Milano; Jean-Louis Cohen, New York University; Alberto Ferlenga, Venezia IUAV; Mark Lee, Harvard University; Pierluigi Nicolin, Lotus; Franco Purini, Roma Sapienza.