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Videogallery.Becoming a Collective Body

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videogallery – free admittance
curated by Giulia Ferracci, Elena Motisi and Valerio Del Baglivo

7 artists translate outside the art world’s emancipation into performative actions and film experiments. 

The film programme brings together the film work of artists who are committed to researching collective practices of emancipation outside the art world. Through working with LGBT communities, African-American jazz musicians, feminist groups, the Zapatista movement, amongst others, the artists of Becoming a Collective Body have produced performative actions and film experiments that broaden the reception of these practices, either through modes of translation or by simply documenting their activities to make them better known to the general public.


Chto Delat The New Deadend #17 Summer School of Orientation in Zapatism
2005, 90′

Adelita Husni-Bey Story of the heavens and our planet
2008-2009, 7’07” 

Alexa Karoliniski & Ingo Nierman The Army of Love
2017, 42′

Tsubasa Kato Woodstock 2017
2017, 4’07”

Alex Martinis Roe A story from Circolo della rosa
 2014 – 2017, 8’55”

Koki Tanaka A Piano Played by five pianist at Once
2012, 57’26’’

header: still from video, Alexa Karolinski & Ingo Niermann, The Army of Love, 2016.