Saturday 15 September 2018 ore 14:30 - ore 19:00

TEDxRomaSalon. Porous Borders

MAXXI Auditorium – entry € 20 on Eventbrite
All event participants will receive reduced admission to MAXXI until 23 September 2018 upon presentation of their TEDxRomaSalon ticket

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been “in motion”. Some people move in search of new horizons, others to escape conflict, poverty, hunger, persecutions or climate change; many others move because of all these reasons put together. But today we face one of the biggest human flows in history. According to reports by the United Nations, wars and the economic crisis push 33,000 people a day to leave their home countries in search of peace and fundamental rights.

Faced with this situation, the TEDx Community feels the need to make its own contribution to the real international discussion of an urgent issue that has local and global consequences. And it is because of this that, for the first time ever, six Team Organizers of TEDx events in different European cities (Rome, Genoa, Reggio Emilia, Cesena, Munich and Leicester) have decided to confront this topic together, on the same day, in the same format, but starting from different geographies and perspectives. The project, realised through a new experimental “Relay Race” format, consists of a series of TEDxSalon events that will be connected and communicated using a shared live stream, in order to pass on the humanitarian testimony of their international speakers.

TEDxRoma is an independent event created under licence from TED (an acronym of technology, entertainment and design), a conference started in America in 1984 to promote the circulation of “ideas worth spreading” that counts various Nobel prize winners, the founder of Wikipedia, the founders of Google and others amongst its illustrious list of past speakers.

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