Thursday 17 November 2016 - Sunday 20 November 2016

Soundings. Lucia Romualdi, Francesco De Gregori

Gian Ferrari Hall – admittance with a museum entrance ticket

An installation for voice and kinematics about the concept of distance.

Soundings is a work born out of the collaboration between the two artists that began in 2013, an audio-visual that changes in eleven seconds. The term has a dual meaning: “depths” and “the measurement of depths of the sea”, but also “sounding board” and “resonant”.

A space that adapts to places and thoughts, a horizon that enacts signs in continual movement, travelling with the tides of the world.

Soundings is a dialogue between Cardiologia, the song which Francesco De Gregori has revisited and rewritten, and the scores for light of Lucia Romualdi inspired by the rhythms of the tides. The space becomes an acoustic chamber in continual dialogue with the sound of the piano, with the rhythms of the mechanicals, with the scanning of the scores, with the timings of the film, with the harmonies of the song.

Produced in collaboration with Studio Trisorio and with the support of Seda