Thursday 1 January 1970

Landscape to be designed

Thursday 19 April, 16.30
MAXXI Auditorium – free entry

Landscape to be designed is the second of two investigations of the Italian landscape organized within the ambit of the exhibition Re-cycle.

Academics, architects, sociologists and representatives of civic society will discuss the continuous consumption of Italian land over the last 60 years, the expediency of slowing the expansion of new construction from the energy saving, planning and social points of view and the need to the develop design and production approaches making use of the existing building stock.

Together with the invited politicians, they will look at the advantages that derive from minimizing environmental impacts through urban and landscape reclamation and valorisation projects. Proposals for incentivising the transformation of the existing building stock and others for efficiently contrasting the consumption of land and the degradation of the landscape will be evaluated.