Still da video, L'anima vista da qui
Sunday 27 October 2019 ore 12:00 - 13:00

Festa del cinema di Roma.Negramaro – L’anima vista da qui by Gianluca Grandinetti

Auditorium del MAXXI – free admittance until full capacity

From 17 to 27 October the Festa del Cinema di Roma is back in town with a programme full of previews, homages, retrospectives, screenings and so much more! Once again this year the Festa’s ticket or accreditation allows you to enter the Musem at the reduced price of € 9.

“There’s a precise moment when all the planets in the world are perfectly aligned. It’s in this exquisite perfection, in the midst of the interstellar chaos to which we belong, that we find our place in the world.” Coming up on the band’s twentieth anniversary, for the first time the Negramaro reveal the hidden side of rock music, made up of love, friendship and family. A compendium of emotions to describe the last three years in the life of the band, from the genesis of the album Amore Che Torni to their adrenaline-charged tour seen from backstage, plus their joy over the birth of their children and their concern over a delicate phase in the life of guitarist Emanuele Spedicato. Three years that stand for their entire twenty-year partnership and their promise of “the longest dream in the world”.

Italy, 2019, 41′
Director Gianluca Grandinetti

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