Saturday 27 October 2018, 09:00 - Sunday 28 October 2018, 19:00
Blockchain Revolution!

Museum Booster 2018

Carlo Scarpa Hall – an event reserved for registered participants; open to the public from 4:30
PM on Sunday 28 October

34 hours non-stop and a mix of expertise to charge the museum with innovative energy

Museum Booster is back, the great digital marathon dedicated to the most innovative ideas and services helping reinvent the museums of the 21st century. This year’s challenge is how blockchain technology can be applied in a museum and bring its “revolutionising” to the world of art and culture.
A jury of experts will evaluate the work presented by the teams.

The winning team will receive 8.000 euros and the opportunity to test their project at MAXXI. Each member of the team finishing second will instead receive a ticket to participate in
Futureland,l’evento internazionale organizzato da Talent Garden  and dedicated to the emerging technologies and their impact on the world of business (Milan, 15-16 November).

Sunday 28 October
4:30 PM
presentation by the teams of the projects developed during the mnarathon
6:00 PM Prize giving
admission free, subject to availability of places

9.00 am Formation and accreditation of teams
10.30 am Welcome and presentation from Museum Booster: challenge, programme, rules, jury and mentors
11.00 am Start of the hackathon
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm The hackathon continues!
8.00 pm Dinner
10.00 pm The hackathon continues uninterrupted until the following morning!
A drink station and rest area will be available to participants
8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am The hackathon continues!
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Final hours of coding and pitch preparation
4:00 pm End of work and delivery of projects
4.30 pm Presentation of projects to the Jury
6.00 pm Announcement of winners and awards