Still from Triumph des Willens 2015, Courtesy the artists
Thursday 21 November 2019 ore 11:00 - ore 19:00

Videoart Week.Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys

videogallery – free entrance until full capacity
the artists will be present

The human behaviour in a selection of films from 1988 to 2015.

Awarded with a special mention for the representation of the Belgian Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale, the artist duo Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys have created, for over thirty years, a body of works whose rigour and consistency are rare. Their collaboration has given birth to a highly singular language that distinguishes itself in our dense contemporary visual culture not just by its tonality, but also by its disconcerting insistence and normality.

Together they have made films, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures in which characters, objects and spaces are identified and that are at once ultra-identifiable and non- authoritarian. The human behaviour seen in their work stems from the social and psychological pressures exerted by the real world.

In collaboration with the Belgian Academy in Rome and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York/Roma. Powered by lnBetween Art Film.