Thursday 2 June 2016 - Sunday 2 October 2016

Inside Out Project – Constructing the community of the XXI Century

MAXXI Piazza – Outside Building D

A project by the artist JR realised on the occasion of the exhibition Extraordinary Visions. L’Italia ci guarda

In 2011 JR – pseudonym of the French “photograffeur”, class of 1983 – launched Inside out, a project conceived for all those wishing to spread a message or defend a cause by uploading to the web photographic portraits of the community to which they feel they belong.
MAXXI has decided to participate, involving the local Guido Alessi school in a workshop based on emotivity: Constructing the community of the XXI Century is a kaleidoscope of highly animated portraits, the facial expressions in which are the fruit of an emotive exchange between children with diverse origins, family backgrounds and sensibilities.

JR’s interventions exploit the communicative and didactic power of the poster to talk about social commitment and identity, liberty and confines. From the Brazilian favelas to the African slums, through to wall separating Israel and Palestine, his images have invaded the streets the world over, turning them into a true “open air gallery”.