07 December 2022 > 26 February 2023

Digital Antibodies

sala Gian Ferrari
curated by Ilaria Bonacossa with Eleonora Farina


Our lives are dominated by a pervasive connection to social media. Our mobile phones double as pacemakers, surveillance cameras spy on us in our public and private spaces, our decisions are delegated to algorithms, and we entrust Big Data and artificial intelligence with interpreting the present and predicting the future.

Art seeks to create a space within which there is freedom from and opposition to the unrelenting dictatorship of technology, which is why the works of three Italian artists, Danilo Correale, Irene Fenara and Invernomuto, have been brought together in this Digital Antibodies exhibition, presenting new relationships between our digitised bodies and contemporary reality.

In A Spectacular Miscalculation of Global Asymmetry Danilo Correale has transformed the exhibition space into an alienating environment, something like the office of a US multinational corporation in which the paintings, seemingly abstract patterns on canvas, representing quantitative and qualitative information in an explicit antithesis to the irony of screensavers on inactive monitors.

Occupying another, almost hidden, space within the exhibition hall, Irene Fenara’s Struggle for Life☉ video artwork presented on a smartwatch invites us to reflect on the mechanism of contemporary surveillance, its contradictions and the individual freedoms through which it can be counteracted.

By means of a rhythmic, poetic and at the same time dystopian journey, in Vers l’Europa deserta, Terra Incognita, the Invernomuto duo investigates the typical youth self-representation shared on and offline in the expanded peripheries of suburban inhabitants of European metropolises.

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The National Museum of Digital Art is one of the most recent autonomous museums established by the Ministry of Culture, entrusted to the direction of Ilaria Bonacossa. The Museum will be located in Milan, in the Art Nouveau spaces of the former Albergo Diurno di Porta Venezia, designed by Piero Portaluppi in 1925, and in the western duties station of Porta Venezia. The space renovation and the new museum setup will be completed by 2026 to create a digital hub for avant-garde art experiments in synergy with MEET – Digital Culture Center.