Still from "Dedicated to the youth of the world II"(2019) di Roman Khimei e Yarema Malashchuk, 8'49". Per gentile concessione degli artisti. Fondazione In Between Art Film Collection.
Wednesday 9 March 2022

film screeningDedicated to the youth of the world IIby Roman Khimei & Yarema Malashchuk

free entrance
EU Digital COVID Certificate (Super Green Pass) required

A rave and Kyiv: between exaltation and alienation, the artists’ gaze moves as they observe the crowd, recounting the intimate experience of each participant.

Cxema is the biggest techno-rave in Ukraine, organised in the Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kyiv. The camera focuses on the young participants dancing to the pounding rhythm of Stanislav Tolkachev’s music.

For the youth of Kyiv, this collective ritual of modern alienation is an opportunity for absolute freedom to escape from everyday difficulties. However, the romantic dimension is overturned by returning to the city where the young protagonists, dazed and disoriented, do not seem ready to face their external reality.

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