10 March 2022 > 25 April 2022

Ukraine: Short StoriesContemporary artists from Ukraine

the exhibition’s closing has been extended to Monday 25 April 2022

corner MAXXI
curated by Solomia Savchuk
in collaboration with Fondazione Imago Mundi
tickets € 5
all proceeds will be donated to the humanitarian emergency fund in Ukraine set up by UNHCR, UNICEF and the Italian Red Cross


A survey of the contemporary Ukrainian art scene through the works created specifically for the Imago Mundi Collection by 140 artists in the typical format that characterises it – 12 by 10 centimetres.

The works are strongly linked to the events that Ukraine was forced to confront in 2014, and to the profound changes that this country – a delicate crossroads between the Baltic and Black Seas, between Europe and Asia – has undergone in recent years.

The exhibition features 140 works by young and emerging artists as well as established authors already present in the most important international museums and galleries; said works strongly reflect a society that is still reinventing itself through disruptions, ideological and social changes, and violent conflicts, all while constantly searching for new ways to confront history and assert new artistic freedom.

With a range of styles and techniques ranging from optical effects to sculptural landscapes and the magic of 3D technology, the artists’ individual stories become the creative components of a grand narrative of present-day Ukraine. The collection gives an account of Ukraine’s artistic and cultural complexity, thereby offering an interesting, representative and symptomatic cross-section of Ukraine that is still relevant today

header: works by Alevtina Kakhidze, Victor Sydorenko, Vlada Ralko, Illya Chichkan, Taya Galagan (Tatiana Gershuni), Taras Kovach, Maksym Mamsykov, Pavlo Makov, Sergiy Petliuk, Stepan Riabchenko.