18 May 2021 > 23 May 2021

videogalleryAnja Medved and Nadja VeluščekFilm screening | Bigger than Myself. Heroic voices from ex-Yugoslavia

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curated by Zdenka Badovinac

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On the occasion of the exhibition, MAXXI’s videogallery hosts a series of works by the artists Igor Grubić, Goran Dević, Anja Medved & Nadja Velušček.

The first week of the screening programme is dedicated to the artistic duo Anja Medved and Nadia Velušček, whose work deals with the theme of loss and change starting from the historical case of the city of Gorizia, on the border between Slovenia and Italy.

After the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty in 1945, the city of Gorizia, despite having a large part of the population of Slovenian nationality, formally belonged to Italy. In response to this decision, the Yugoslav authorities decided to build a completely new town, called Nova Gorica. The story of Nova Gorica is told in their film A Town on a Meadow, shown in the exhibition Bigger than Myself. Heroic Voices from Ex- Yugoslaviaand in the film Smugglers’ Confessional,part of this programme.

Another central theme of their reflection is the border, narrated in the films My Borderline, Binding Memoriesand Memory Surgery: a physical and conceptual demarcation line that is not always easy to cross, between socialist Yugoslavia and Italy.

The films in the programme, in continuity with the themes of the exhibition, reflect on the idea of loss and change, both provoked by the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, the end of Socialism, its inclusion in global Capitalism and its integration into the European Union.

header: Anja Medved, Ordinacija Spomina / Memory sugery, 2010 (still da video)
 Production: KINOATELJE, Gorizia (I) and ZAVOD KINOATELJE, Nova Gorica (SLO).