Thursday 1 January 1970 -

VILLARD 14. Strategic Landscapes – Battlefields

21 – 24 June
MAXXI B.A.S.E., Sala Graziella Lonardi Buontempo – free entrance

The international seminar Villard 14 worked to investigate how architecture and design could discover the hidden potentialities of some marginal territories. These areas were famous to be, in past time, strategic battlefields during the Great War. The seminar was implemented by several experiences such as lectures, stages and visits.

The aim of the workshop was to clarify some basic design techniques to describe and mix, at the same time, history, private memories, tracks and signs left by the trench warfare or the bloody battles, with the beauty of landscapes.
Memorials, cemeteries, ossuaries, memorial stones, no less than woods, sink holes, trenches, paths, roads, bunkers and shelters sometimes still visible in these places, evoke the story of those tragic times while tourists and nature lovers come here for their free time, looking for a quiet place to rest.

The paradox between the silence of our times and the metallic noise of the past battlefields, well described
by writers such us E. Jünger, will be one of the topics which students should develop in their projects for Vittorio Veneto, Montello and Noventa di Piave.