17 June 2021 > 26 September 2021

Valentina VannicolaL'Inferno di Dante

Centro Archivi Architettura
curated by Simona Antonacci

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A concise and intense story, that is also powerfully imaginative and full of symbolic references, capable of reinterpreting in a contemporary and choral key one of the most “visual” works in the history of literature.

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, the MAXXI presents L’Inferno di Dante by Valentina Vannicola, a project acquired this year by the Museum’s photography collections.
The fifteen photographs on display create a spiral pathway in which the sinners described by Dante in the first of his three cantiche follow one another: starting from the Gates of Hell, we meet the souls of the damned waiting on the banks of the Acheron, those suspended in Limbo, the exclusively vegetal bodies of suicides, Paolo and Francesca’s souls blown about by the storm, those of the simoniacs condemned to be planted upside down in the ground, up to Master Adam, forced to immobility and parched by thirst.