25 November 2020 - 30 August 2021

A Story for the Future.
MAXXI’s First Decade

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To ensure everyone’s safety, access to Piazza Alighiero Boetti is allowed only to visitors to the Museum, users of the Library and Archive Centre and customers of the cafeteria and restaurant.
To access it is mandatory to wear a face mask (except for children under six years of age) and undergo a body temperature check using a thermal scanner.

Opening hours and tickets
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curated by Hou Hanru with curatorial and research MAXXI team

A passionate work of research, a thoughtful debate on the XXI century’s first decade through the MAXXI’s point of view.

In 2020, MAXXI celebrates its first 10 year anniversary.  It is an opportunity to reflect on the identity of the museum, to retrace the path taken in the past years and set a direction for the future.  The exhibition, which pivots around five major themes, is conceived as an analysis of the development of MAXXI in response to the great challenges of our time. It does not wish to be a self-referential overview of the museum’s exhibitions, but an “intangible” reinterpretation in a perspective that lays the foundations of a “story for the future”.

Thousands of images, videos, sounds and words are presented according to thematic and chronological criteria. Multimedia installations in an exhibition curated by the Dutch studio Inside-Outside by Petra Blaisse, which is recognised worldwide for its innovative contribution in the design of exhibitions and landscape architecture, creating an immersive environment focused on a multisensory experience. An oral history of the MAXXI’s journey is created through the presentation of the words of the artists, curators and the museum staff.

header: photo © Fondazione MAXXI