Sunday 7 February 2016 ore 16:00 - 17:00


MAXXI Auditorium – Full price ticket € 7.00; € 5.00 up to 26 years of age
Available from the museum ticket office or from vivaticket.it
The ticket allows for reduced price entrance to MAXXI (€8) for one week

A film by Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, France, 2010, 65’, animation
Cast: Dominique Blanc, Bernadette Lafont, Bruno Salomone, Jean Benguigui, Oriane Zani

Dino the cat has a double life. By day he lives with little Zoé, only daughter of Jeanne, a police captain. By night instead he roams the roofs of Paris with Nico, a clever, good-hearted burglar. Zoé has stopped talking ever since her father, a police officer like his wife Jeanne, was killed by the well-known criminal Victor Costa. Jeanne is so devoted to her job she has little time left for her daughter: she is intent on organizing surveillance of the Colossus of Nairobi, a precious statue in the sights of Victor Costa. Dino, returning from his nocturnal wanderings, often brings Zoé gifts: one day he brings her a bracelet which Jeanne’s assistant, Lucas, recognises as part of the spoils from a robbery. A few evenings later, Zoé decides to follow her cat without being seen. She then stumbles upon Victor Costa’s gang and discovers that Claudine, her trusted babysitter is a member.

CINEMA at MAXXI | 27 January – 7 April 2016
curated by Mario Sesti

A film club that’s also a festival with exclusive, authoritative programmes where you can meet cult directors of the big screen: CINEMA at MAXXI, the programme that has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people over the previous seasons, is this year again presenting film in all its myriad aspects, confirming that the seventh art may become a vital part of the activities of a museum devoted to contemporary creativity.
The proposals for this edition:
EXTRA major previews
TRIBUTES excellence to the fore
MASTERCLASS face to face with the protagonists
ALICE FAMILY the best of children’s film

A Fondazione Cinema per Roma and MAXXI co-production