13 November 2019 > 08 December 2019

Project and Utopia


Architecture Archive Centre

Two restoration interventions on the Architecture Collection shed light on the importance of conservation in contemporary collections.

The museum presents to the public two works belonging to the MAXXI Architecture Collection: the model used for the Competition for the Chamber of Deputies from the Vittorio De Feo Archive and Paolo Soleri’s Space IV scroll.

At first glance the two works may seem very different from each other. One (Vittorio De Feo’s model) is made of wood and the other (Paolo Soleri’s scroll) is made of paper; one is a proposal for an urban project and the other is the graphic representation of an utopia; one is created by a working group and the other the result of its Artist’s choice to live isolated when he retreated in Arizona. Yet, they have a common thread: both are part of the Architecture Collection, they are the physical representation of the design process that runs through the mind of the architects; both represent new and alternative solutions to a world that does not seem satisfactory.

The Project and Utopia exhibit is the result of a work carried out in 2019, carried out in collaboration with the Fondazione Paola Droghetti, which has made two scholarships available to young graduates, the ISCR (Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration) and the ICRCPAL (Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of the Archival and Book Heritage), in charge for the scientific direction of restoration activities.

The exhibit is accompanied by a catalogue curated by Patrizia Cavalieri, Francesca Romana Liserre and Carla Zhara Buda (Gangemi Editore).

In collaboration with the Paola Droghetti non-profit foundation, ISCR The Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration, and ICRCPASL The Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of the Archival and Book Heritage.