Thursday 1 January 1970 -

Nothing is created, everything is transformed

Nothing is created, everything is transformed.
Workshop associated with the architecture exhibition
Re-cycle. Strategies for Architecture, City and Planet

At Christmas, everything becomes something special at MAXXI.
Boxes, buttons, wrapping paper: bring small objects you no longer use to the museum and give them a new identity!
Children and adults will discover together during a guided tour of the exhibition and the successive workshop, the creative potential concealed by and object and will reinvent it, giving it a new identity. An instructive and enjoyable way of learning that the economy of resources and recycling can also be applied to everyday objects.

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27
Sunday 1, Friday 6 and Saturday 7
all at 4 A.M.

How does it work?
Duration 1h and 30’
reservations required
€ 7 per child, free for an accompanying adult + museum entrance ticket for over 14s
free for holders of the myMAXXI membership card while places are available
Reservations required; please call 06 39967350