26 May 2022 > 01 October 2023

Nedko SolakovA Cornered Solo Show #2

the exhibition’s closing has been extended to Sunday 1 October 2023

Museum’s lobby
curated by Hou Hanru, Monia Trombetta


opening hours

Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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The artist creates a dialogue between drawing, writing and the environment through storytelling, recounting intimate experiences and thoughts between reality and fiction.

With A Cornered Solo Show #2, Nedko Solakov (Cherven Briag, Bulgaria, 1957), an international artist who lives and works in Sofia, presents a story conceived for a very specific spot in the Museum: a visible, transitional place usually not used for exhibitions due to its being very different from an exhibition space. Such a place might be overlooked by visitors, but once discovered, it will offer a privileged access to the artist’s thoughts and ideas thanks to the artistic intervention.

Writing and drawing enrich the stories conceived for this corner of the Museum, as short descriptions, aphorisms, double meanings become a vehicle for comments and thoughts on social and collective issues.

By relying on a witty play on words – corner/cornered – the artist has chosen a corner of MAXXI to critically recount highly topical socio-cultural issues and ironically reveal the most hidden mechanisms of contemporary art. He explores the complexities, contradictions, alternatives and experiments that arise from the urge to think, give form and negotiate with the human condition and self-representation. These themes have been complemented by reflections and thoughts on the Russian-Ukrainian war that broke out in February 2022, which prompted the artist to replace some of his stories with new works designed to evoke the tragic events of the present in the collective imagination.

Project in collaboration with MUDAM, Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg.
header: © Nedko Solakov. Courtesy l’artista, Galleria Continua e Fondazione MAXXI