foto © Claudia Pajewski
Tuesday 28 May 2024 ore 19:30

performanceMuta ImagoAshes

galleria 2
ticket € 10 – seats subject to availability
ticket € 7 for myMAXXI card holders – soon available
duration: 45 minutes

A pocket full of posies
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down

Can one travel through time through sound? Can one construct a sound narrative that only takes shape in the minds of the spectators/viewers?

Ashes is a concert for voices and live music, an immersive sound journey: a reflection on the imaginative power of sound and speech, on the importance of the ‘now’ and its characteristics of impermanence, so fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

dramaturgy and direction Riccardo Fazi with Marco Cavalcoli, Federica Dordei, Giovanni Onorato, Monica Piseddu original music performed live by Lorenzo Tomio external eye Claudia Sorace lighting Maria Elena Fusacchia photography Joanna Piotrowska executive production INDEX production, organisation, administration Valentina Bertolino, Silvia Parlani, Grazia Sgueglia communication Francesco Di Stefano with the support of MiC – Ministry of Culture with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio within the project Prender-si cura

Winner of the Ubu 2022 Award for Best Sound Project/Original Music and Best Actor (Marco Cavalcoli).