open call
Friday 2 February 2018 - Wednesday 28 February 2018

Open Call.Miltos Manetas. Internet Paintings

Not just paintings but platforms.
Create together with the artist images composed of evolving stories and situations

On the occasion of the focus show devoted to Miltos Manetas, an artist recognised on an international level for his internet-based works, MAXXI is staging an open call to find 20 people to participate actively in the conception, realisation and modification of the pictorial cycle The Internet Paintings, together with the artist.

Thanks to this workshop enter into the thinking and modus operandi of the artist and discover that painting is not necessarily a practice that requires talent! All that is required is a subject and ten or so instructions drafted by the artist himself, with a nod towads appropriationism (Manetas Dogma of Painting on

The subject chosen for this workshop is Landscape, understood as what scrolls before our eyes as we look at computer or mobile phone screens. Togther with Manetas and in collaboration with the artists Nora Renaud and Arlen Siu Vásquez, participatns will create experiments in Ñewpressionism and Soprarealtà and, in the same spirit NEEN, they will look for something new without organizing anything, so that everything happens unexpectedly.

During the workshop, the artist will make operative and shared interventions within the museum’s exhibition space: through pigments extracted from vegetables and fruit, the previously painted images will in fact be cancelled and “monochromized”, ready to embrace new stories.

We are looking for people (over 18 years of age) to participate in the workshop through brainstorming sessions with the artist and his team, online research and the subsequent conception of creative ideas as wellas contributions to the artistic process online and in the hall.

From Wednesday 21 March to Friday 18 May 2018 , 9 weekly cycles will be activated, on the Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, during the museum opening hours. Participation in at least one complete cycle is required

To present your candidature please complte the following form by 12:00 AM on 28 February 2018.
The artist will examine the requests received and all entrants will receive a response by 7 March 2018.

For further information please write to