Wednesday 9 March 2016 ore 15:00 - ore 17:00

Masterclass with Liv Corfixen and Nicolas Winding Refn

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free while places available
curated by Mario Sesti

At the beginning of the seminar there will be a screening of My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn directed by Liv Corfixen, during the shooting of the film by Nicolas Winding Refn Solo Dio perdona, made in 2013.
The couple will then meet the MAXXI public in conversation with Mario Sesti.


The Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn displayed his great talent in the staging of action and the stylisation of violence in films such as Pusher and Walhalla Rising and has become a cult filmmaker, directing major international productions such as Drive, a Cannes prize-winner, and Solo Dio Perdona.

Fondazione Cinema per Roma and MAXXI co-production