Thursday 1 January 1970 -

The secret face of popularity: why even divas cry

The secret face of popularity: why even divas cry
Visit/exploration to the exhibition Galleria Vezzoli

What’s involved?
The visit/exploration tackles the theme of mass communication in the contemporary era through the work of the artist Francesco Vezzoli. Moving through the suggestive exhibition design, which alludes to a 19th Century museum recreated in the contemporary space of the MAXXI, the student will plunge into a universe of citations from film and television as well as the history of art. The exhibition starts with portraits of divas from Silvana Mangano to Elisabeth Taylor and through to Lady Gaga, which Vezzoli has reinterpreted with embroidery: make-up details, jewellery and the famous tears that reveal an unexpected scenario of melancholy and unease associated with the private lives of the divas that the artist discovers and reworks with delicacy, elegance and irony.

Duration 1h and 30’
Tuesday to Sunday, from 11.00 through to 24 November

How does it work?
Upper and lower secondary schools (max 30 participants – 1 class group)
€ 100 per group class
please make you obligatory reservation and purchase tickets by calling 06 3201954