05 December 2019 > 08 December 2019

Videogallery.Elena Bellantoni Focus

videogallery – free admission until full capacity
curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

Videos, photography, performances, and installations that talk about the artist’s work, which uses language and the body as interaction tools.

A special review dedicated to Elena Bellantoni including the screening of a selection of videos that cover the last 5 years of the artist’s production, up to her latest work, On the Breadline, a travelling art project that won the 4th edition of the Italian Council (2018), and that engaged the artists throughout all of 2019 in four European cities: Belgrade, Athens, Istanbul, and Palermo.

Elena Bellantoni (1975) lives and works in Rome. After graduating from History of Contemporary Art at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome, she went on to study in Paris in London where, in 2007, she took a Master in Visual Art at the WCA University of Arts London; afterwards, she studied theatre-dance and performative arts in-depth by taking workshops in Italy and abroad. In 2007 she created the “Platform Translation Group” and in 2008 she opened the non-profit “91mQ art project space” in Berlin. In 205 she cofounded the “Wundebar Cultural Project”. She is currently a Professor of Phenomology of the Body and Art Therapy methods and techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

In 2018 she won the Italian Council; in 2014 her video The Fox and the Wolf: Struggle for Power entered the Farnesina collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her research explores the identity and relation dynamics established in the territories and in the spaces that she crosses; she uses language and the body as investigation “s-objects”, and formalises her projects through video, photography, performance, sculpture, drawing, and installation.

On Wednesday 4th December the artist will meet the audience and her work Ho annegato il mare (2018) created for the Manifesta 12 even in Palermo will be screened.

In the header: picture © Elena Bellantoni, Maremoto, 2016