03 April 2019 - 22 December 2019

Elisabetta Catalano. Between photography and performance

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Opening hours & tickets
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curated by Aldo Enrico Ponis

A new focus presentation of the MAXXI archives this time featuring a great photographer, Elisabetta Catalano, in collaboration with the Archivio Catalano.

The exhibition features slides, colour photos, vintage prints, correspondence and proofs, documents recounting the complexity of the creative process. In particular, the exhibition investigates the relationship between the photography of Elisabetta Catalano and performance art, presenting portraits of a number of artists including Joseph Beuys, Fabio Mauri, Vettor Pisani and Cesare Tacchi during the preparatory phases of the performative process.

ph. Elisabetta Catalano, Joseph Beuys, Scultura invisibile, performance in studio, 1973 (part)