Carola Bonfili, The Infinite End of Franz Kafka's "Das Schloss" - 3412 Kafka, 2017-2018 dalla mostra LOW FORM. Immaginari e visioni nell'era dell'intelligenza artificiale. Foto © Musacchio & Ianniello

OPEN CALLDigital Think-in Lab

A true boot camp: 35 hours full immersion with lectures, workshops and analyses.
An intensive course from 3 to 7 June open to just 30 participants, focussing on digital skills in the cultural environment with the leading specialists in Italy.

Within its higher education programme MAXXI Know-How, the museum is proposing an intensive 5-day course in which the study sessions, with lecturers, testimonies and focus groups, will be organized in parallel with the hands-on workshops so that what has been learnt can be put into practice immediately through multi-disciplinary works. The workshops for the participants will be based on five briefs prepared in partnership with five leading Italian museums and focusing on real challenges these institutions are facing.

The course is aimed at graduates and young professionals keen to acquire specific skills to apply in the sphere of cultural institutions and organizations.
It is also aimed at those professionals who require vertical analyses in order to improve their working practices.
A course offered with a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 30. 

The study sessions and the workshops will be held at the museum from 3 to 7 June 2019, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Among the issues tackled: New digital professions and skills; Digital Marketing and Communications; Digital Audience Development; Digital conservation and valorization of cultural heritage; Service quality and customer satisfaction measurement; Open data; E-commerce; Trend analyses: chatbots, instant messaging; virtual reality; Legislation: privacy, data processing, copyright. The full programme will be online soon.

The cost for each individual participant is €490,00 (travel and board and lodging costs to be met by the participants).

If you would like to participate in MAXXI’s high education programme devoted to digital skills, please complete the following form by 14 May. MAXXI will select the participants in the basis of their curricula by 16 May. Fees must be paid by 22 May.

MAXXI reserves the right to select one participant for a training placement of six months within the museum.
For further information please write to

Enter the museum via the office door and take your first steps as a cultural professional with us.