Your Face Director, Tsai Ming Liang. Photo by Chang Jhong Yuan
Sunday 8 September 2019 ore 11:30 - 13:00

Masterclass with Tsai Ming LiangCapturing time

Auditorium – entrance guaranteed with a donation to Asiatica Film Festival. For further information and booking please contact

In the last few years Tsai Ming Liang the artist, the director, has increasingly challenged traditional film conventions, moving away from the classic narrative structure, translating temporality into innovative artistic experiences.

“Cinema as an object of consumption limits my creativity. The speed imposed on us bewilders me. Slowness is a technique for me, a tool to find my way back into that disorientation”*.

Tsai Ming Liang claims to have exhausted his desire to use cinema as a pure narrative tool, hoping to capture a sense of reality, a time and a truth that does not involve definitive answers.

*Statement by Tsai Ming Liang at the press cofnerence for the launch of his movie “Stray dogs” at the 70th edition of Venice Film Festival.

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