19 December 2014 > 03 May 2015

Architecture in Uniform

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curated by Jean Louis Cohen
Galleria 1

The Second World War, which set four continents ablaze between 1939 and 1945, affected the military and civilians alike, and drew on every human resource of the warring nations. Architecture was called upon to mobilize as well and, despite what most histories of the discipline claim to this day, the field of architecture experienced a time full of research and transformation.

The exhibition Architettura in Uniforme. Designing and Building for the Second World War, based on decades of archival and field research, explores the various ways in which architects worked during this period, such as testing new construction materials and techniques, inventing new forms of camouflage and propaganda, and designing gigantic structures for production and war tests as well as for concentration camps, modernizing both techniques and design methods.

The exhibition comprises an extensive international section, with a wealth of discoveries and spectacular images, while for the MAXXI edition a major section has been added that focuses on Italy and the incessant building and planning activities that in those years was already laying the foundations for the construction boom of the post-war period.


Find out the exhibition

The videos of a special visit to the exhibition guided by the curator Jean Louis Cohen,who tells more about the main characters, the topics and the works significant during the Second World War. From the architects to the objects on show, from the stories to cinema.

Exhibition originated by the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal (2011), adapted by the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Paris, and by MAXXI, Rome