Twentieth Century Collections

The 20th Century Collections are composed of the archives of architects and engineers of international repute from the last century.

The original documents (drawings, models, photographs, papers, publications, audio and video recordings and digital documents) have been acquired via donations or loan agreements with private individuals and public bodies. The Architecture Archives curates and manages the 20th century collections mainly kept at the H.C. Anderson Museum, while a significant part of the Carlo Scarpa Archive is conserved and may be consulted at the Carlo Scarpa Centre at the Treviso State Archive.

Carlo Aymonino | Vittorio De Feo | Enrico Del Debbio | Sergio Musmeci e Zenaide Zanini | Pier Luigi Nervi | Aldo Rossi | Maurizio Sacripanti | Carlo Scarpa | Paolo Soleri | Superstudio | Michele Valori

Archivio Aldo Rossi, Concorso per il museo storico della Germania a Berlino, modello