-scape is an architectural firm based in Rome and Paris, 2008 winner in the New Albums of Young Architects.

Founded in May 2002 on an idea of Ludovica Di Falco (1975), Francesco Marinelli (1975) and Paolo Mezzalama (1975). –scape Spa was officially set up in February 2004.
Alessandro Cambi (1976) became a partner in the firm in January 2005.
-scape defines itself as a “container” of ideas, individuals, and specialized and interdisciplinary competencies, with the aim of arriving at a comprehensive conception of the construction process, including the technical, economic and architectural aspects, by means of the work effected both by the firm on its own and with a network of external collaborators.
With the goal of developing research on architecture on all levels (from “landscape” to “city-scape”), and in relation to all its contexts, physical or abstract, the firm –scape directs its activity toward projects of which the nature, dimension, and localization are always diverse.

-scape, Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah, Ferrara, Progetto vincitore, 2011