Special Projects

WELCOME! New spaces for communicating, growing, and sharing

At the Comprehensive Institute “Lucio Fontana” (former Comprehensive Institute “Largo Castelseprio”) – Largo Castelseprio 9, Labaro, Rome

If it is desirable for the museum to reach non-visitors and potential visitors by stepping out of its container and sharing its heritage, why not bring art into public spaces starting with schools, with the collaboration of artists and architects? The Museum in the classroom project was founded on an experimental basis in the 2013-2014 school year precisely with this objective and – after three successful editions – this year it is in its fourth year within a broader project, WELCOME! New spaces for communicating, growing and sharing, curated by the Comprehensive Institute “Lucio Fontana” (former Comprehensive Institute “Largo Castelseprio”) in Labaro.

In fact, in the first phase, the students of the lower secondary school analysed the internal and external spaces of the school and designed, with the supervision of a team of architects, a series of rehabilitating interventions. So, the fourth edition of The Museum in the classroom is the second phase of the WELCOME! project and sees the involvement of the photographer Andrea Boccalini with a workshop on the genre of the environmental portrait. Starting from the analysis of the photographic portrait as an instrument of emotional representation of the subject, the photographer helps the children reflect on the use of space and light to make the subjects portrayed interact with the surrounding school context. In turn, the space, through photographic reproduction, takes on new meanings and this reinterpretation allows the construction of new and unexpected narratives.

This is a unique experience whose aim is to experiment with new expressive languages and deconstruct the relational dynamics consolidated among those belonging to the same class group.

The collective work, the result of the selection of 35 shots among all those taken during the workshops, will be set up at the school as happened in the previous editions of The Museum in the classroom project.


Curated by IC “Lucio Fontana” in collaboration with MAXXI Educazione.