Special Projects

F.A.R.E. Towards an architecture for education

MAXXI Edulab1 and Edulab2

F.A.R.E. derives from the project Fare Scuola and brings to MAXXI the experiences of the schools and visitors of all ages, with the objective of investigating the space understood as a context for learning and relationships between education, art and architecture.

The event organized by Enel Cuore Onlus in collaboration withFondazione Reggio Children and the MAXXI Education department is part of the FARE SCUOLA project and consists of a methodological as well as formal and architectural rethinking of educational spaces, a true reflection on the pedagogy of space.

The spaces available to MAXXI Educazione are two rooms with very different and in certain ways diametrically opposed spatial characteristics; Edu 1 – a glazed and permeable prism, in constant symbiosis with the museum hall – and EduLab 2, isolated and introspective, in communication with the hall only through an internal window.

Thanks to financing from Enel Cuore Onlus, we have the opportunity to rethink these spaces on the basis of a new approach deriving from the “negotiation” between theFondazione Reggio Children’s approach and the methodological approach developed by MAXXI Educazione in 14 years of intensive activity in the field.

The delicate phase of co-design has seen the involvement of the Labics studio to arrive at a reconfiguration of the spaces that was much more than a mere interior design project. Drawing inspiration from the craft workshop, a solution was reached that features a continuous matric that in permeating the perimeter walls of EduLab 1, becomes a multi-purpose device serving the most diverse functions from the storage of materials to communications regarding the activities and through to the archiving of their results. In its rich complexity, the project therefore in-forms both spaces as a declaration of method as well as successfully enhancing the efficient use of the spaces. The continuity of the sign, therefore, reflects the continuity of the methodological approach adopted in the activities undertaken in both workshops; it also becomes a characteristic element of the identity of the space.

The more technical-practical intervention in EduLab 1, unveils its creative potential in EduLab 2 thanks to the terracing device. As a simple scalar modular seating system, the terracing consists of three orders of mobile modules of varying heights (25, 50 and 75 cm), the unlimited potential for combination of which offers an opportunity to model the teaching landscape on the basis of diverse and challenging configurations. A further opportunity for experimentation, this constantly mutating feature allows the educational activities to be approached from diverse perspectives and in diverse ways, heralding ever new and stimulating results.

Promoted by
Enel Cuore Onlus
Fondazione MAXXI – Education Department
Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi

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