#ImStayingHome with MAXXI

Explore with your mind the Museum’s works, exhibitions and projects with the unique contribution of artists, architects, master photographers, designers and men and women of culture and show business.

With its doors closed in compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree to contrast and contain the spread of the COVID -19 virus, MAXXI is expanding its online presence even further with a rich and varied cultural offer on all its social channels in the interest of sharing and inclusion.

An exploration of the most iconic works of the Collection, with IS sign language and audio descriptions for people with impaired vision; the story of MAXXI’s first ten years through the voices of its protagonists and images of the best exhibitions thanks to the generous contribution of Sky Arte; the icons of architecture and design illustrated in brief video presentations by the Museum’s curators; workshops for families and children; encounters and reflections with artists, writers, directors and intellectuals, all joining with MAXXI to take new cultural content to Italian homes.

For Film at MAXXI, the curator Mario Sesti will be talking about the documentaries competing in the Extra Doc Festival. The authors of Books at MAXXI will be the protagonists of brief interviews or contributions about their writing, literature and current affairs. With PrimeTime the Museum’s video gallery is moving to the social media in the evenings. Thanks to the contribution of the artists, a selection of video artworks will be shared freely and accessible on all the museum channels.

Lastly, reflections on the scope of what is happening and how it all leads us to reconsider the meaning of specific works such as responsibility, care, choice and democracy will be the theme of the feature A new world, with men and women of science, culture, show business and communication, including Padre Paolo Benanti and the psychoanalyst Vittorio Lingiardi.

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