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videogalleryYervant Gianikian e Angela Ricci LucchiAngels and Warriors of the Cinema Part IV - Hyperboles

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The retrospective’s final chapter bring together some reflections and reinterpretations of the 20th century history, from totalitarianism to the conquests of colonial empires.

Over the years, the analytical camera, invented by the artists, has investigated hundreds of amateur, documentary and propaganda films recovered from historical archives such as that of Luca Comerio, official filmmaker of the Great War. The works African Diary and Visions of the Desert show the view of the ‘different’ of the first European explorers travelling to Africa, the genesis of an unstoppable conquest of peoples and territories of which the film Images of the East – Barbaric Tourisme tells us the most extreme consequences.

The other films, different narratives of dictatorship in the first half of the 20th century, bring the many faces of power and violence into the present, little-known stories such as the atrocities of Italian colonialism in Ethiopia, the invasion of the Balkans by Nazi troops and the loss of freedom of expression under Stalin’s dictatorship. These images, slow and contrasting, poetic and brutal at the same time, find a key to interpretation in the work Criminal Animals, in its metaphorical representation of human nature and the law of the strongest.