Friday 11 December 2015 - Sunday 20 December 2015


MAXXI Piazza

We are the generation that can put a stop to the climate chaos.
Which is here right now.

On the occasion of COP21, the United Nations climate conference in Paris, MAXXI is hosting an initiative informing the general public about the risks of the greenhouse effect and ways in which it can be countered.

The exhibition-appeal in the museum piazza brings together a number of shots from the #WeAreTheClimateGeneration photo campaign and the Scienza&Media initiative that enriches the display with scientific explanations curated by ENEA, the national association for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.

During COP21, the exhibition will also be hosted at the Grand Palais in Paris, at Manchester Museum and the University of Manchester in England, at the Art Museum in Bonn, Germany and in Belgium at the European Commission.