Thursday 1 January 1970

“Una volta, all’improvviso…” – Workshop/performance with the artist Claudia Losi

Saturday 26 May, from 15.00 to 20.00
curated by the Education Department

The imagination of a child brings to life characters. These characters are transformed into figures, they transmigrate from paper to fabric and become the protagonists, together with others, in a story continuously invented by a narrator.”
Claudia Losi

As in other works by Claudia Losi, here too needle and thread feature in a collective piece: children and families, an actor, young students from the Rome Academy of Costume and Fashion, all coordinated by the artist, together assemble a story peopled by cloth figures made during the course of a workshop/performance.

The MAXXI Piazza has been chosen by the artist as the location for the workshop during which she will invite the children to draw “their” superhero character, their favourite animal or a beloved object with they identify.

While an animated video reproduces and transforms the children’s drawings, scattered around the museum piazza and armed with electric sewing machines, students from the Rome Academy of Costume and Fashion, coordinated by the dressmaker Tania Fedeli, will give life to these characters that will feature in a collective story improvised by the actor Nicola Di Foggia.

Would you like to take part with your family?
Book places by writing to edumaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it

Illustration of Francesca Dainotto