02 April 2015 > 03 May 2015

The Independent. Percorsi informali. SMU–research – Philippe Vasset

a Hou Hanru project
curated by Giulia Ferracci and Elena Motisi
Gallery 2bis

The project Informal Paths originates from the encounter between SMU-research and the French writer Philippe Vasset, now living in the French Academy at Villa Medici.

The pivotal element of their collaboration is the complex reality lying beneath Valle Borghesiana: this toponimo of Rome, starting point of the group’s research, exemplifies in a paradigmatic manner the territorial self-planning and self-management
processes affecting many territories of Italy, where unauthorized development is the normalcy.


The exhibition presents an extract of the work done by the group based on a tight relationship with the neighbourhood’s citizens.

Vasset’s first-person narrative acts as counterbalance to SMU-research work, and it invades the gallery both in its immaterial dimension – through the voice which permeates the space – and in its physical dimension – through pieces of writing printed on the walls.

Informal Paths also include the cycle Public Speech which, on a weekly basis, “activates” the gallery space with Narratives, Visions and Self-organizations. Films of all meetings with artists, activists, critics and intellectuals will be available to the public in the exhibition spaces for the whole duration of the exhibition.

The Educational Department offers to the community of Valle Borghesiana that worked on the project Informal paths free guided tour to the exhibition. For more information please write to: edumaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it

THE INDEPENDENT is a research project set up to select and promote independent spaces and ideas. It is the manifesto chosen by MAXXI to expand the frontiers of the museum, to investigate the contemporary world and to promote a culture of “differences”. The project explores the content of the most innovative creative forces; it monitors the growth of independent spaces all over Italy and abroad; it fosters independent critical thinking; it offers a space for sharing contemporary experiences and for investigating the research being carried out through non-institutional channels.