Thursday 1 January 1970

TECHNOLOGIES/ studio AION and Realities United

curated by Emilia Giorgi and Kaspar Howald

Five evenings and ten architecture studios meeting to discuss some of the most interesting experiences on the contemporary Italian and German architectural scene: ARCHITEKTUR! Stories of contemporary architecture between Italy and Germany.
Each seminar will see the participation of an Italian studio and a German studio that, accompanied by a moderator, will tackle a precise theme central to the contemporary architectural debate: Landscape, Living, Urban Actions, Recycle and Technologies.

Last seminar
Wednesday 19 September, 20.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E. – admittance free
TECHNOLOGIES | studio AION (Siracusa – www.a-i-o-n.com) and Realities United (Berlin –  www.realities-united.de)

Studio AION, LOST HIGHWAY. Living prototype. Siracusa, Italy 2009

Realities United, Bix, facciata multimediale per la Kunsthaus di Graz, Austria 2004 - photo Harry Schiffer


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