Thursday 1 January 1970

The performance art and body art

On the occasion of the second edition of Summer Mela,, the festival promoting Indian art and culture in Europe, two events have been organized within the ambit of the focus INDIALOGUES: MAXXI FINDs INDIA which presents India through the stories and works of its artists.

Wednesday 18 June, 18.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E – Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall
The first seminar is with the artist Nikhil Chopra and will be discussing performance art and body art. Born in Mumbai, Chopra is today one of the most interesting figures on the emerging international artistic scene. His performances, many of them improvised, critically investigate post-colonial Indian subjectivity, which he describes as “obsessed by nostalgia for the British Raj”.

In his works, autobiographical elements combine with others regarding daily life and collective history, transforming daily activities into ritual gestures that become a crucial part of the show.

Live art, theatre, painting, photography, sculpture and installations
examining identity, the role of autobiography, the pose and the self-portrait

At the centre of his work, the body’s relationship with a space that, changing from one situation to the next, profoundly modifies its existential condition.

introduced by
Anna Mattirolo Director MAXXI Arte
Riccardo Biadene Artistic Director FIND

Giulia Ferracci Curator MAXXI Arte
Cecilia Canziani Guest curator FIND

[youtube_sc url=’http://youtu.be/FhXUmi74peI’ title=’Talk with Nikhil Chopra’]

Next appointment
Friday 27 June, h 18.00 | The Visual Representation of the Mythological Samhita Arni and Raj Rewal

This project is part of a triennial collaboration between FIND Foundation India New Europe NewDialogues and MAXXI.