Tuesday 23 February 2016 ore 21:00 - 22:30

Presentazione della collana di DVDFilm Stories. 10 films based on 20 cult novels

MAXXI Auditorium – Free admittance while places available

A conversation about the pleasure of books and that of films and the way in which they intertwine is the formula that has been chosen to present Film Stories, 10 films based on 10 cult novels, the BIM series with graphic design curated by Nine Antico, a new star of the graphic novel who has exclusively drawn each of the covers.

“They’re not just novels. They’re not just films.
They are 10 opportunities for celebrating women who feel with their hearts, who think with their heads”
Chiara Gamberale

A Dangerous Method, Jules e Jim, La Duchessa, Le due inglesi, Miele, One Day, Tracks, Two Mothers, Under the Skin, Un Sapore di ruggine e ossa, are the stories featured in this series to read and/or watch in which the undisputed stars are women.

Francesco Piccolo, Roan Johnson, Cristina Comencini, Elena Stancanelli
Mario Sesti and Giovanna Melandri