SPAZIO / Geografie Italiane (Italian Geographies)

SPAZIO / Geografie Italiane (Italian Geographies)

A Journey through Contemporary Architecture
Production: Studio Azzurro and Fondazione MAXXI.
Curators: Maristella Casciato, Pippo Ciorra, Margherita Guccione/MAXXI
From 30 May 2010

Interactive video installation with 9 synchronized screens and 4 touch-sensitive lecterns.

Geografie italiane is a video installation which works simultaneously as a kind of history laboratory of contemporary architecture. The various developments in Italian architecture during the second half of the twentieth century are interpreted through the introduction of guiding themes which form a narrative backbone for the visual presentation.

The installation Geografie italiane is made up of a sequence of “worlds”, which come together to form a kaleidoscopic image of architectural landscapes. Each “world” is created using a variety of iconographic and visual materials including drawings, photographies, film clips and interviews in order to create a specific narrative script freely reworked and assembled by Studio Azzurro to allow the viewer to set a myriad of possible pathways and interpretations within the general narrative framework of the installation.

As indicated on the wall, the sequence of “worlds” explores the following themes in this order: cities | engineering | landscape | competitions | heritage | design | landmark | museum | protagonists | media and next. The visitor can experience the various “geographies” using monitors which list the names of leading figures, keywords, aphorisms, and places. Selecting one of these opens an informational box. In this way, the visitor is given the opportunity to create a personal interpretation of Geografie italiane.